Surfer, Journo, Surfboard Shaper & Photographer.

Crankin Surf is a lifestyle, you can be crankin at anything but we love seeing surfers crankin in the water. Crankin is an attitude, it’s about getting out and giving it 110%.

I hail from Newcastle, Australia and enjoy photographing surfing and making my own surfboards.

Current riding a Crankin Surf 6’4 round tail spearfish and also have a Crankin Surf 7’0 Manta Ray mini mal.

Permission is requested to use one of my images however no fee will be charged. Donations happily accepted via PayPal.

One thought on “About

  1. So, I watched your youtube video about putting a logo on a surfboard–I’ve been putting them inside kayaks I build and would like to know what kind (and weight, brand) “rice” paper you use?


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