Ocean & Earth – Double Black Steamer

I haven’t surfed much in Winter the last few years and the main reason is the cold water isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be. OK I’ll admit it, I hate the cold water which is a big call for someone who wears shorts and t-shirts all year.

I decided it was time to try a different approach. K-Stars at Wallsend and Adamstown are stockists of the Ocean & Earth range of wetsuits, stocking a great range.

The one I selected to try was the 3/2 Double Black Steamer with the back zip. The back zip is not as long as the traditional zip and is still easy to use.

The wetsuit feels good, is easy to get into and fitted great. The neoprene is soft and doesn’t feel restrictive at all. The internal plush material felt good too.

Marketing hype says that the wetsuit has Glued & Blind Stitched internal Water Shield which is basicallt meant to maximise warmth and minimise water entry, so it was time to put the marketing department of O&E to the real test.

I entered the water waiting for rush of cold water to hit the legs but it just didn’t happen. Even when I got to waist deep there was no cold water. I thought to myself, “This is how a wetsuit should be”. Maybe they were and I had just been missing out all these years.

I was paddling out when the moment of truth appeared. It was time to duck dive! As I went under the cold water hit the head and I was waiting for the water to do it’s usual run down the back. Again it didn’t happen.

After almost two hours in the water I wasn’t cold, had no wetty rash under my left arm pit and felt good. I didn’t feel as restricted as I normally do. When I was on a wave I barely noticed the wetsuit at all.

I really love this wetsuit and can even wear my Ocean & Earth Java 1.5mm Reef Boots with it.

If the steamer is this good I can wait to try the Double Black 2/2 Spring Suit.

Adrenalin Z Series

The Adrenalin Z-X Steamer.

The Z-X and Z range of steamer is the most advanced wetsuit to come out in the Adrenalin range.


The chest entry style of wetsuit gives unrestricted back and shoulder movement which means easier

paddling when you’re encased in rubber.


Liquid seams are one addition to the range along with the blind stitching that makes the wetsuit

comfortable in the water. X-Seals on the wrist and legs helps keep out cold water.


Carried across from the Radical X range is the smooth skin chest panel which is designed to reduce

wind chill and combat heat loss.


The super stretch material gives great comfort and is non-restrictive when making critical



The whole concept for Adrenalin is pushing the technological boundaries without compromising

on price. What this means for the consumer is you get a great product for a great price.


All in all the Z and Z-X range of wetsuits offer quality and affordability, we all need that from

time to time.