The Surf Film Archives

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s were a great time if you loved surf films. There were many films made with little or no budget, the coast was uncrowded and open to explore.

Many moments of history were captured but are now close to being lost in time.

I loved watching these films that were edited with reels of film spliced together with meticulous detail.

It captured a time in history of surfing where longboards gave way to shorter boards in what became known as the shortboard revolution.

The Surf Film Archives have set out to rescue some of these celluloid and often homemade masterpieces.

By scanning these movies it ensures the survival of our history as surfers.

As I sit here, I have just watched Bob McTavish ride the plastic machine for the first time.

Bob McTavish Photo by Debra Tonks

While films like Morning of the Earth have been staples in our thirst for old surf films, there are many out there made by the likes of George Greenough, Paul Witzwig, Bob Evans and Andy McApline that are less known but have some beautiful imagery.

A donation of $30 can help save the footage and it takes hundreds of hours to save our surfing history and we will be discussing it on the next Crankin Surf Podcast.

I’ve donated as I love the old films shot around Noosa, Angourie and Lennox Head

Donate Here…/the-surf-film-archive-019942400…

Craig Tonks with Bob McTavish – Photo by Debra Tonks

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